The wilderness has an effect on my senses; it manages to quickly strip all the chaos of day-to-day busy-ness of urban life in an instant and bring clarity.

After a number of years guiding at Londolozi, I observed that I wasn’t alone in that effect, but that it took some people longer to tap into it than others. I realised then, by guiding people on safari, I was able to lead my guests to that special feeling sooner, faster and deeper by sharing subtly with them soulful interpretations of nature.

This opened up a whole new scope of guiding designing trips throughout the world. From patiently waiting with a spotting scope in the cold Himalayas for the elusive snow leopard to crawling hands and knees through the thick Costa Rican jungle to sight a sloth, I’ve had the rare opportunity to share with many nature lovers the exploration and discovery of the Earth’s farthest reaches. The heat of the wildlife-rich pans of Zakouma in Chad or a mokoro on the water wonderland of the Botswana’s Okavango Delta each provide the ultimate platform for photography, adventure and reflection.

I’ll guide you, and your friends and family through these treasured corners of the globe with a focus on photography and deep interpretation of the landscape. Or, with my knowledge and network, I am also able to arrange trips for independent travel as well.

Go, renew, and connect.


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